Baccarat formulas must be known so as not to lose the dealer

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Baccarat is considered another card game that everyone Online casinos. Must have with a form of playing that uses up to 8 decks of cards that have already been shuffled per 1 big round of play. By placing bets, we will be able to predict. Which side will win between the player (Player) or whether the banker (Banker) or can predict whether the two are equal

The form of play and the rules are simple: the player and the dealer receive 2 cards each side. Whoever gets more points wins. But there are some terms involved in drawing the third card that we should also study. Before complaining that the dealer is cheating. Even though the reality is that we misunderstood If this is the UFABET case. There will be embarrassment for sure.

For Baccarat formulas that are commonly used. There will be Bao Jin Zhong formulas with formula packets. These two formulas are very popular. But there are differences and terms of use as follows

  • Bao Jin Zhong recipe It is a formula that gives us a chance to win up to 50% with the idea that
  1. If either side wins with 2 cards, the next turn bets on the player’s side.
  2. If either side wins with 3 cards, the next turn bet on the banker side.
Baccarat formulas must be known so as not to lose the dealer

Is this easy? And when used in conjunction with the Martingale money formula. It will help us get more money by rolling down every bet we lose. The investment units that will be used to place bets will be in this form: 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16. Which has the advantage that even if we lose 4 times in a row. But the 5th time we bet 16 units if we Winning is equal to winning all. Its disadvantage is also in the 5th round. That if we lose, we will lose a large sum of money in the blink of an eye. Therefore, anyone who thinks of using the 5-wood formula together with the Bao Jin Zhong formula. You should bet at least 100 units to be safe.

  • Packet formula is a combination of 4 baccarat formulas in one, mainly using the method of reading the card layout. Which the form of betting will refer to the card layout as follows

* From now on, let’s use “P” instead of the player side (Player) and “B” instead of the banker side (Banker) for understanding.

  1. lay out cards next to each other Let us look at the last 2 cards issued. If it comes out on either side twice in a row, such as PP or BB, the next round allows us to bet on that side.
  2. Alternate card layout, let us look at the last 3 cards issued, if issued alternately, such as PBP or BPB, next round, bet on the other side of the last time, such as the last 3 issued PBP, next round, bet on B.
  3. Outline Two Shuffle One Let’s look at the last 3 card draws as well. But if the form of issuing cards is in PPB or BBP style, the next round will bet on the same side that wins in the first 3 last rounds, such as the last 3 BBPs. The next round will bet on B.
  4. layout of two alternate cards The nature of issuing cards is similar to the switch layout. Just switch from switching 1 at a time to coming out twice in a row and then switching sides, such as PPBB or BBPP, so we have to look at what the last 4 cards are issued. If it comes out PPBB in the next round, we bet on the straight side. Skip the last two things that are P.