Bonucci ejects female soccer fan from bus after trying to take pictures

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Juventus’ Italian defender Leonardo Bonucci A young football fan is kicked off the Azzurri’s bus. After she tried to ask for a photo with her favorite player.

Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci yells at Italian fansto get off the UFABET team bus. After she tried to come over and ask for a photo with the players. The Ashsurri did not qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but there is still a friendly game ahead of the tournament. And it appears that they beat Albania 3-1 on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, and will face Austria today.

Bonucci ejects female soccer fan from bus after trying to take pictures

         And it appears that one enthusiastic fan of the team wants to take a picture with this team. So she got on the bus. but was immediately banned by Bonucci Shouting to her to ‘get down’, the woman replied: “They told me to let me go up.” She appeared to be referring to Italy manager Roberto Mancini , however. Bonucci, apparently unwilling to compromise, insisted back: “No, no, go down, hurry up, go!”

         Bonucci’s behavior was widely criticized in Italy , with fans disappointed that he lacked empathy for the woman. She was obviously excited to meet her heroes. Despite winning the Euro Championship last year But the Azzurri’s popularity has plummeted over the past 12 months after they failed to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar. Getting the fans back behind the team seems to be important for Italy. But Bonucci’s actions seem to have ruined the chances of that happening.

         Bonucci remains a key figure in the Italian national team. But he has experienced his worst season at Juventus since his return to Turin. After a tumultuous 12 months at AC Milan , he is now almost an automatic substitute for the team when only being second to ( Gelzon ) Bremer . No Allegri opted to use other players alongside the Brazilians Danilo, Federico Gatti and Alex Sandro, reducing Bonucci’s chances.

        Bonucci only played in nine of his 15 Serie A games for Juventus and did not take part in the team’s best matches. Mostly only on the bench or on the pitch in the final minutes, his physical condition seems to have increasingly made his position unstable as well, and his lack of pace has become even more problematic. again when he came to the end of his football career