Sanchez admits Qatar players woke up in the first game of the World Cup with poor form

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Qatar coach Felix Sanchez revealed that the players were nervous about playing in the World Cup final for the first time. Causing a bad start losing 0-2 to Ecuador, receiving hard work in the next two games against Senegal and the Netherlands, but had to get ready

Qatar national team head coach Felix Sanchez admitted the host nation’s players were unable to perform at the level they wanted. As it was their first World Cup in front of fans. Causing nervousness and pressure. After a poor debut, he lost 2-0 to Ecuador in the opening game of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Group A on Sunday, November 20.

Sanchez admits Qatar players woke up in the first game of the World Cup with poor form

At the Al Bayt Stadium, opposition striker Enner Valencia scored twice in the first half, making Qatar the first host team to lose in the opening match of the tournament. This And may become the second team followed by South Africa who received the mat. But had to fall in the first round If they have to lose both Senegal and the Netherlands in the next two matches

Sanchez told a press conference after the match. We played well but it was the World Cup. We are playing for the first time in front of our fans We can’t be at the level we want. It wasn’t the UFABET game we had hoped for. We have to analyze the game and try to prepare for the next one, which will be equally difficult or harder than this one. We will see how we can increase performance with the players we have.” 

At the same time, the big Spanish He also praised the rival team that playing better than his team And congratulations to their opponents, they deserved the win. However , Qatar can improve a lot and are yet to show their top form. So have to cope well with the pressure in this situation and perform better in the next match.

Home team goalkeeper Saad Al Sheeb said his national team got off to a bad start. Especially in the first half hour, losing 2 goals, but still having 2 games left to fix the situation and make a better performance They face Senegal without Sadio Mane  on Friday.