9 ways to get rid of garlic smell in your home Get fresh air back

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Have you ever had any doubts about this? There’s a strong smell of garlic in the house , but I’m not sure where the smell is coming from. Whether it’s washing dishes, washing utensils that have been previously used or that have garlic involved. But the smell of garlic still lingers on your hands, clothes, and even your breath, so it’s time to get rid of these problems.

9 ways to get rid of garlic smell in your home Get fresh air back

1.Open the window.
Open the window. Opening the window allows air to move out of the house. This is a good starting point for getting rid of garlic odor. Including other scents In addition to removing the smelly air, It also brings in air outside the house.

2. Turn on the fan
if the goal is to circulate the air. Turning on the fan will help achieve this goal faster. Start by turning on your ceiling fan. If you have multiple ceiling fans You may change the direction of one of the ufabet https://ufabet999.com fans to change the airflow direction in those rooms as well.

If you want to help speed up this situation, Choose to turn on the fan at the window. Including choosing the kitchen window first.

3. Take care of cups and bowls properly.
Wash dishes by placing them in the dishwasher. Or if washed using the normal method, it should be dried before storing. And make sure you fill the trash can with food scraps and don’t let your dog eat them, as that will leave the smell lingering. Because if there is no food stuck there will not be an odor.

4. Clean the surface.
Cleaning the surface where you cut the garlic Or used for cooking, including various sauces. Whether it’s a stovetop, an oven, a microwave, or a kitchen counter. or even the sink will help reduce the garlic smell. And you can use a cleaning solution with a fresh scent to help mask the lingering garlic smell.

5. Use baking soda
Baking soda can help eliminate odors. Especially if the garlic smell is in the refrigerator. This is because if there’s a garlic smell in the refrigerator, it can affect the taste of other types of food, whether it’s sandwiches, bananas, or potato chips. The same principle can be used to remove unwanted odors from the air in your home, for example. together By going upwind and opening the box containing the baking soda.

6. Mask the scent.
Try simmering cinnamon, orange peel, or cloves on the stove to let the aroma mask the smell of the garlic.

7. Add lemon to the garbage can where the garlic is discarded.
Many scents linger for a long time. Another method is to cut lemons into wedges to help eliminate the smell.

8. Take out the trash can.
You may have thought you had gotten rid of all the trash. But don’t forget that the smell of garbage will linger. Cannot be easily removed As for the garlic smell, it can also be left in your trash. Try sprinkling baking soda into the trash can to absorb any lingering odors.

9. Don’t forget your refrigerator.
If you have a garlic dish in the refrigerator, You probably can’t stand the smell of garlic in that refrigerator forever. Add a box of baking soda. It will help absorb those odors while also checking the refrigerator. and clean frequently