Let’s know the benefits of garlic and how to eat it to get the most benefits.

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Japanese people use garlic as a seasoning to enhance the flavor of food and to aid digestion in ramen and grilled meat dishes. Let’s learn about the benefits of garlic from a Japanese caterer and how to eat it to provide maximum benefits to the body.

Let's know the benefits of garlic and how to eat it to get the most benefits.

Garlic and its nutritional value for the body:

Vitamin B1 helps enhance the metabolism of carbohydrates and sugar.

Vitamin B1 is an important vitamin in the metabolism of carbohydrates and sugars. If there is a deficiency of this vitamin, the efficiency of burning carbohydrates and sugar into energy will decrease. Resulting in fatigue lack of appetite and makes. It easy to get fat If you like to eat starchy foods or drink alcohol. Eating garlic will help improve the functioning of the carbohydrate metabolism system.

Allicin, which has the ability to kill bacteria.

The substance Alliin (Alliin) contained in garlic changes to Allicin (Allicin) when cutting, smashing or grating garlic. to be exposed to the air Allicin, which gives the garlic odor, has the effect of killing bacteria that cause stomach ulcers, such as Helicobacter pylori. Additionally, this type of substance helps the body absorb vitamins. B1 enters the body better

Vitamin B6 helps in protein metabolism.

Vitamin B6 helps enhance protein metabolism and helps keep the body’s immune system strong. Helps prevent many types of neurological and skin diseases. Prevent kidney stones Helps the สมัคร ufabet body absorb protein and fat that are beneficial to the body better. and reduce the risk of heart disease

How to eat garlic to get the most benefit from your body

Eating raw garlic
The allicin that is abundant in garlic, which has the ability to kill bacteria, is destroyed by heat. Therefore, eating raw garlic by chopping, smashing, or grating it and seasoning food will allow the body to receive allicin fully. However, if you don’t like raw garlic, use the method of cooking by heating it quickly to reduce the loss of allicin.

Eat together with pork.

Allicin in garlic helps the body absorb vitamin B1. Which is a vitamin that helps enhance the functioning of the system that burns carbohydrates and sugar well. If garlic is eaten with pork, which is rich in vitamin B1, whether by eating it raw, stir-fried or grilled, the allicin in garlic helps the body absorb vitamin B1 from the pig into the body well.

Eat 1-2 cloves per day.
Although garlic is rich in nutrients that are beneficial to the body, But you shouldn’t eat too much because garlic can irritate the digestive system. Can cause stomach pain. The amount eaten to gain health benefits is 1-2 cloves per day.

Eating black garlic
Black garlic is garlic that has gone through a fermentation process at a controlled temperature of approximately 60-90 degrees Celsius. It takes approximately 40-90 days until the garlic is black. Black garlic has a sweet taste similar to dried fruit. and rich in polyphenols (antioxidants) and S-allyl cysteine ​​(a sulfur compound that is beneficial to the body). Eating black garlic regularly helps prevent cancer. Reduce high blood pressure Helps reduce bad cholesterol LDL levels and prevent coronary heart disease, etc.

Japanese people like to eat garlic with grilled meat dishes and crushed garlic with ramen to enhance the taste of both grilled meat and ramen. At home, we have an easy way to eat raw garlic. From adding it to chili paste, papaya salad or various salads, even though it is beneficial to the body, it should not be eaten in such large amounts that it causes stomach pain.