What kind of “white discharge” of women is abnormal?

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The problem of “leucorrhoea” can cause anxiety to many women, and they may be too embarrassed to consult a friend or a doctor. Health has information from Dr. Surachet Apininbongkot, Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch. Samitivej Hospital  Let’s try to observe the nature of the vaginal discharge first. If there is something wrong This will allow you to see a doctor in time before your symptoms get worse.

What kind of "white discharge" of women is abnormal?

What is vaginal discharge?

Vaginal discharge is liquid mucus that flows from a woman’s vagina without menstrual blood. This mucus is expelled from the cervix into the vagina. To create moisture in the vaginal area and help prevent vaginal infections.

What kind of “white discharge” of women is abnormal?

amount of vaginal discharge

The amount of vaginal discharge is not the same for each person. So you have to compare yourself. In the past, there was a quantity of vaginal discharge before the menstrual cycle, in the middle of the menstrual cycle, and after the menstrual cycle. If there is a change in the amount that is unusually noticeable to suspect abnormal vaginal discharge

Characteristics of vaginal discharge

The vaginal discharge is usually cloudy. Vary according to the menstrual cycle The period before and after the menstrual period is more opaque than the middle of the menstrual cycle. But if the vaginal discharge looks more cloudy Until sometimes it may thicken like paste or milk stains This discharge can be caused by a fungus. 

color of vaginal discharge

It should generally be opaque. There may be a soft yellow color. or white and a little yellow But if it starts to yellow and green considered abnormal

In addition, if the vaginal discharge begins to turn brown It may be caused by the slow shedding of the uterine wall. usually found after menstruation During menstruation, the uterine wall has not completely peeled off. Or maybe not peeling off on a monthly basis Causing vaginal discharge to turn brown This problem may just be the uterus starting to sag. But if the vaginal discharge is brown, foamy, and has a musty smell There is a burning sensation in the urine. It is considered abnormal vaginal discharge. due to vaginal irritation Sometimes it can be so severe that you experience a burning, red sensation in the groin area. You should go see a doctor urgently.

smell of vaginal discharge

Each person’s vaginal discharge smells different. But abnormal vaginal discharge is a vaginal discharge that has an unusual smell. especially during sex or after having sex It can be caused by a vaginal discharge that is infected by a group of bacteria or parasites in the vagina. in which men’s semen has alkaline reaction will cause a smell like rotten fish

but still Not that odorless vaginal discharge is harmless. Because if the vaginal discharge is odorless but in large quantity looks like milk stains attached to underwear and itching Which is mainly caused by the dampness of the underwear, which must be dried in the sun. not indoor drying Even dry underwear can cause mold. Also, letting it feel damp during the day is another common cause of vaginal thrush. Resulting in abnormal vaginal discharge as well

Summarize the symptoms of abnormal vaginal discharge.

  • There is more than usual.
  • Thick like paste or milk stains.
  • The color starts out green or brown.
  • White, frothy, musty odor along with a burning sensation while urinating
  • It smells fishy like rotten fish. during sex or after having sex
  • White discharge with itching or burning
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The cause of abnormal vaginal discharge

  • There is a yeast infection in the vagina from wearing damp underwear
  • The uterine wall slows down after menopause.
  • The vagina is irritated.
  • taking certain medications or foods such as some antibiotics, fermented foods, seafood
  • Have a wound from an infection in the vagina
  • pregnant, especially pregnant women with diabetes
  • having sex with someone infected with gonorrhea (The vaginal discharge looks like pus. There may be a small amount. and may have a slight smell must be thoroughly examined by a physician)

How to clean up when you have vaginal discharge

The best cleaning is to use plain water. and pat dry If menstruating, sanitary napkins should be changed frequently. It is not recommended to use sanitary pads. Because it’s easier to get wet and don’t let it get damp Underwear should be changed when it gets wet, washed thoroughly and dried completely before wearing.