Alfaro holds Ecuador win on target but the other 2 games must be better.

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Ecuador coach Gustavo Alfaro was pleased with the first three points in his 2022 World Cup debut, beating Qatar 2-0. But has yet to make adjustments. Especially scoring goals because the Netherlands and Senegal are much stronger than the hosts.

Ecuador national team manager Gustavo Alfaro praised his players. Made the performance according to the goal by winning a 2-0 victory over the host country Qatar in the opening match of the 2022 World Cup on Sunday. But if they want to qualify for the knockout rounds. They must perform well. than this Because the other two nations were much stronger.

Alfaro holds Ecuador win on target but the other 2 games must be better.

South American team Collect the first three points from Enner Valencia’s two goals. A 16th-minute penalty and a 31st-minute header into the far post. Which if not caught offside in the 3rd minute, would become a hat. Your trick right away. But in the second half they were unable to penetrate the home net at all. Causing the end of the game to win with the same score as in the first half

After the game, Alfaro said: “The important thing is that we win. We did what we had to do to win this UFABET game. At halftime I asked the players Are they satisfied with their performance? they said no They can still play better. I admire them for the win we got. but tell them We have to do better in the remaining two games.”

Ecuador ‘s next match will be against the Netherlands , three-time runners-up in the tournament, which will be a more difficult task on Friday, November 25. The other game against Senegal on Tuesday, November 29 will not be an easy one. together It is therefore an important test for his team in this tournament.

“If we want to go to the knockout stages of the World Cup, we have to finish better. if we want to go on We have to improve on this. because of the past There are some teams even after winning the first game. still not qualified for the knockout round The rest of the time must be practiced better, “the 60-year-old trainer added.