Revealed Ronaldo presented himself to this team on a six-month contract.

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Manchester United superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly presented himself to a team on a six-month contract after giving an attacking interview.

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly wants to end his Manchester United nightmare and return to Real Madrid . Interview with Piers Morgan last week. And during this time that this UFABET news is still smoldering, there is a report from Sport. The famous media of the fierce bull country. Which reveals that Ronaldo has offered himself to the Spanish giants on a six-month contract. 

Revealed Ronaldo presented himself to this team on a six-month contract.

          The Spanish media claim Ronaldo wants to return to the Santiago Bernabeu. As a replacement for the injured Karim Benzema in January. The latest Ballon d’Or winner has withdrawn from France ‘s World Cup squad after suffering a thigh injury. Manchester United are seeking to terminate Ronaldo’s seven-month contract without paying the £16 million. He is expected to receive by June 2023.

          The Red Devils believe Ronaldo violated his terms of employment by criticizing the club’s US owner, manager Erik ten Hag , club facilities, teammates. his and former Red Devils players including Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville . in their World Cup debut on Thursday,

There were concerns that considering Ronaldo’s future and the impact of his interview could distract him from the World Cup, however, the Portugal captain stressed that he is focused on trying to help his country. World Cup Champion Posting on Instagram, he said: “Good energy, good vibes, same old determination. and the same intensity we put into each challenge.” “Focus! Commitment! belief! no matter where we are It’s always Portugal!”

          At the age of 37, Ronaldo has made this World Cup in Qatar likely to be his last. News is determined to lead the team to win the world championship. They are in Group H, starting with Ghana on Thursday 24 November, then facing Uruguay on Monday 28 November and ending their group stage against South Korea. On Friday.