Warrington goalkeeper fired after throwing urine on supporters

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Warrington Town goalkeeper Tony Thompson has been sent off. After he reportedly sprayed urine on a Guisley supporter’s face. one during an FA game Phone call last night

 Warrington Town goalkeeper Tony Thompson was sent off yesterday for reacting to a fan who had turned his water bottle into a bottle containing urine. Thompson played for Warrington in the FA Trophy against Gaisley.  Which they lost 1-0, but the match will be remembered for its extraordinary and disgusting story.

Warrington goalkeeper fired after throwing urine on supporters

          Thompson was sent off in the 60th minute after an altercation with a Guisley fan . The supporter took a urine bottle to replace his drink bottle. Video footage shows a fan jumping over an obstacle between the stands and the pitch and swapped. Thompson’s bottles for other similar ones. Along with a caption that He was fired after spraying urine  on the fan’s face after being caught.

          Thompson confirmed the story with his own tweet. He added, “Today, I stopped loving the UFABET game for a while! I’ve been called by many names, but for someone who pees in my bottle, for me to drink it And being told that I wasn’t allowed to retaliate because I was a player hurts me. That person put my family’s health at risk and it’s totally disgusting.

          There was a long pause in the match before the referee finally fired Thompson. Since then, footage showing the moment a fan replaces Thompson’s bottle with one containing urine has gone viral , Warrington boss Mark Beasley told The Times. Warrington Guardian said: “I don’t think I’ll ever be involved in something like that again.” It was disgusting and it was not right for that. “I think the referee completely lost control after that. If someone urinates in my bottle and I drink it I’ll throw it away It’s a shame to fire him for throwing the bottle away.”

          “It’s hard to talk about football when something big like that happens . The welfare of our players is our top priority. And what Tony has to go through is humiliating. I don’t understand”, but I hope that the perpetrator will be able to identify and bring punishment in the end.